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Based in the East SF Bay Area, Michael Korczowski offers training guidance for physical preparedness, with the aim of developing advantageous physical qualities and movement skills beyond the scope of mainstream approaches to fitness.

There is a wide gap between the training means and methods associated with mainstream fitness regimes and the aptitudes required of culturally and spiritually meaningful disciplines like dance, yoga, sports, and martial arts. We train to facilitate progress in these disciplines and to function harmoniously as embodied beings in an unpredictable world. We seek to abide with a sense of ease and peacefulness immersed in the body amid chaotic change and unexpected pressures, and to be physically available to for others and the world around us.

Our approach to physical preparation addresses complex but fundamental qualities like postural sensitivity, rhythmic coordination, balance, elasticity, and adaptability to novel movement situations — all alongside classic metrics like raw strength, physique/aesthetics, and hormonal/metabolic effects. We make use of classic tools like barbells and gymnastic rings but also emphasize preparatory methods drawn from the vast world of movement arts, with an emphasis on partner work and allowing for learning that takes place beyond the eye and preconceptions of the instructor.

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